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Marcus Briggs

Marcus Briggs is a Preston-based entrepreneur and non-executive director of Icon Gold and vice-president of Citi Group. He specialises in identifying and developing opportunities in the gold bullion markets of the Middle East and Africa.


His broad network of gold miners, investors and sellers across the region is built on a deep understanding of the market and proven financial expertise.


Marcus Briggs and Icon Gold


Marcus joined Icon Gold when it was launched in 2009. Since then, he has become central to the company’s evolution into one of the most trusted precious metal trading businesses in the region.


Icon Gold is a gold and precious metals and precious stones trading company based in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, and Kampala, the capital of Uganda. The company’s operations include the Middle East, Africa and South American gold producing countries.


At Icon Gold, Marcus focuses on identifying new business opportunities and developing new partnerships. His experience in negotiating at the senior management and corporate level enables Icon Gold to build solid long-term relationships across all areas of the business.


Financial and negotiating expertise


Marcus uses his expertise in liquidity and financial forecasting to undertake budgeting, cost management, cost benefit analysis, and daily and monthly reporting. He has a great understanding of how to source and evaluate investment opportunities. Doing so using extensive due diligence and maximizing returns for both the company and its investors.


Diverse experience


After earning an MSc in Business at Loughborough University, Marcus Briggs began his career in 2000 as a Finance and Insurance Executive at GE Capital, the financial services division of GE.


He then became General Manager at Inchcape, an international distributor and retailer of premium and luxury vehicles. In 2006, Marcus joined global investment bank Citi Group as Vice-President. It was there where he developed a deep understanding of global bullion markets.


His experience was further broadened while a director on the board of a Dubai-based company supplying private security personnel to the Middle East, mainly Iraq and Afghanistan.


Marcus has a vast network of gold sellers and buyers throughout the Middle East and Africa.


Find out more about Icon Gold here